It might?! Most insurance companies acknowledge Acupuncture to be a viable medical healing modality and cover varying amounts depending on a few factors, the most important of which is your carrier and individual policy.

The only insurance company I am in-network with is CIGNA and will take care of the billing services for treatment. Otherwise, I am an Out- of-Network provider.

Insurance billing can be complicated especially for out-of-network policies. However, in some cases, it makes sense depending on the details of the policy and is worth a conversation.

Insurance policies pay per unit of treatment, per modality. For this reason, the fee schedule for insurance is calculated differently, taking into consideration the billing process, set up fees, and time it takes for follow-up to make sure the claim is paid correctly. Lastly, the codes of who covers what is different across the board making Insurance billing a hand holding process.

For out-of-network policies there are two options. I can give you a SUPERBILL similar to a receipt for services, allowing you, the patient, to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. Superbills include: procedure codes (CPT), diagnosis codes (ICD) codes in 15 minute increments. Every insurance company has their own ‘claim form’ that must be used. I am happy to walk you through the process.

The second option is billing for Out-of-network policies. Out of network polices generally have a much higher deductible and work on a coinsurance (verses copayment basis - % of) Depending on the details of the policy, it will be determined upon receiving your insurance verification: Out-of-Network Deductible information, number of visits and copay / co-insurance amounts ONCE your out-of-network deductible has been met.

Need Help? If you are not sure how all this ‘insurance stuff” works, please send me a text or voicemail, and I will be happy to set up a time to explain the process; We will be able to determine the details of your policy, and if billing your insurance for treatment makes sense. I do not currently accept Medicare.

In order for my billing company to verify your acupuncture insurance benefits, we will need the following: Photo ID, physical address, and a copy of your medical insurance card front and back. You can either email or text this info along with your contact information. Verification may take up to 24 hours

* Any services or procedures not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the patient *