Cupping is the modern term for an ancient medical treatment popular in Asian and Arab cultures. Once suction is created, the cups are placed on the skin (usually the back) and moved across the body. This creates a negative energy flow, which can counteract the current state of stagnation.

In my healing practice, I use glass cups of all different sizes. As small as 1 in. diameter to 3.5 in. The larger the cup, the more surface area it covers, best for the back. Smaller cups go on smaller surfaces like the elbows, back of the neck, knees, ankles and feet.

Cupping alone, is an amazing treatment on its own. It stimulates lymphatic drainage, relaxes muscles, and releases toxins. In addition, cupping is said to energize the physical organs, and releases unresolved emotions stuck in the body.

Cupping leaves marks that look much worse than they feel. The circle marks can last from 3 days up to a week or longer depending on the person and the stagnation they have. Stagnation is pain, stuck energy, toxins, inflammation, or pathogens.

One of my most common sayings is.. “If you turn purple, you needed it..” And apparently need it again once the marks go away. Once you have had cupping regularly, the person will no longer have such dark and intense marks, if any marks at all. Someone who has had cupping, and the result is no circle marks, has moving healthy Qi - something we should all aim for.

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  • Cupping Treatment - 25-minutes $50
  • Acupuncture w/ Cupping Treatment- 75 minutes $110
  • Cupping w/ Foot Massage - 40 minutes $65