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My Philosophy

Finding Balance & Harmony

Since the earliest recorded history, indigenous cultures have worked with the body’s unique energy systems to heal their people. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these energy systems are made of qi; and it’s the balance of this vital energy that keeps us healthy and alive.

Qi (pronounced chi) is vital force, life, breath, thought, intuition etc. It is the integrity that holds, as well as lets go. It is physical motion, cognitive thought, emotions, and our own spiritual connection. Qi can be interpreted as the life energy or life force, which flows within all of us.

I believe we are spiritual beings first and that we all have divine purpose, yet we have chosen to forget by design. We are here to learn, grow and to be of service,

however sometimes we lose our way and circumstances present themselves that shift us into change and into a new reality. The health of the physical body, mental mind and heart consciousness depends on the balance and flow of Qi.

The fact we are spiritual beings first, means that we are more energy, not just a skin suit while on this planet. Energy is easier to manipulate then dense matter, and If we can remember who we are at the core, change is easier. Being able to understand this concept is the first and most important step in our healing process! Let me help you get your Qi in balance!