Does Anyone remember Orange Julius ?

Day 21 of my 21 day cleanse is now complete..   Although it has taken me a few days to post this ‘LAST DAY’ ….    I cant express how relieved I am that it is over !!  Let me reiterate…. I’m glad I did it; most importantly, I am glad I did it for my body!!  However,  delighted (to the moon)  to have my life back.  I may be exaggerating to some,  but for me, this cleanse was a challenge.  Yes, some people don’t eat sugar, dairy, meat, gluten or drink caffeine and alcohol.  I do… or did..  and still figuring that out.  =)

I have learned alot about myself, food choices and the world of food integrity.  Even though I didn’t experience headaches or body ache like some,  I felt more of the mental deprivation, emotional hunger of wanting something just because I was not supposed to.  Head games, will power  or just habit ???  Not sure.  Anyway…   If it wasn’t for this blog, and posting daily pix to my Facebook, I don’t believe I would have made it! !  So thanks so much to everyone reading this..  It is YOU that that encouraged me to succeed.. and kept me honest with myself !

OK, on to the day ….   I started the morning in celebration mode.  I created a new and fabulous breakfast smoothie from a huge bag of oranges that we got from Eric’s aunt’s orange tree.  The first sip of my Orange Julius instantly brought me back to 8th grade at the Mall with my girl friends.  We would always go to Orange Julius and get a OJ and a pretzel before heading next door to the movie theater.  Wow..  flash back.

Anyway,  I figured out their secret. Its the orange peels.. I used a whole orange (minus the seeds).  cut the entire orange up and put it in the bullet with 1 whole banana, 1 date, chai seed, flax meal and my favorite flax milk.. Wa La Healthy Orange Julius for 2.  Even Eric said  “Mmmmmmm.. this is a good one” !  Since then… we have had Orange Julius everyday…  we have 4 more oranges to go.

For lunch it was another kale and herb salad (I’m done with sald for awhile).  Then for celebration dinner Eric grilled swordfish marinated in rosemary, thyme and sage, all from the garden, grilled eggplant on the side.  The marinade for with these three spices is incredible. maybe a little less rosemary next time, but the best sword fish I have ever had anywhere, no joke !!

All I can think about now… (and kinda obsessing)  tomorrow morning I get to have coffee and feta in my salad and wine with dinner.. I cant wait !!