Day 20 - I can taste success... but no taste for sugar

Day 20 – I can taste the END of this cleanse.!!  It tastes like truffle cheese with a heavy yet smooth zinfandel.  Or maybe it tastes like a strong cup of coffee with toxic hazelnut creamer..  OMG !!!  This sounds so bad !!!!  Not sure if I’m serious or not, I will have to let you know tomorrow !  =)

A friend came over to speed-walk the block with me who has been on the ‘conscious’ eating kick for the last 5 days. Giving herself 2 months to get into better shape mentally and physically.  I wanted to share with her a few smoothie secrets, so her health journey is easier.  I wanted to make her my famous (in my own mind) a delicious chocolate smoothie with avocado as a special treat to make it super smooth and creamy: I used protein powder, 3 dates (for the 2 of us) 1 banana, chia seed and flax meal..  As i’m cutting and pouring and blending away…  Blah  blah blah.. Giving her the protein pitch on:

Women need 46 grams of protein per day.  Best to start with 20-25 in the morning, 10 grams for lunch and 10 grams for dinner, before 7pm..  blaa blaaaa blaaa.. as I continued to talk….  chia seed has 3 grams  p/ tblsp, flax meal 3 grams, flax mik 5 gram.. blahh blah  blahh

And handed her the yummy surprise.  Upon her first sip  she almost spit it out.  I was shocked.  She looked at me in disbelief as I was already 1/2 finished with mine.   She said to me  ” It’s so bitter how do you drink that”  “it’s so thick,  it taste like those  boba things’  …  I added 2 more dates  and flax milk and she was able to get it down..  So funny !! Not the reaction I was expecting.  SLAP… Wake me up Scotty!  My taste buds have changed.

So, at this moment, Im convinced that my desire for sugar is gone…   Now THAT is good news !!!