Day 19 - The 3 Hour Veggie Burger

Day 19 – Started this beautiful day with a most tasty smoothie… Peanut butter, chocolate, banana !!  Dessert for breakfast.. Mmmmmm!!!    I made it so thick that I wasn’t hungry for 4 hours… and then just snacked on nuts, seeds and dried peas.  Have I mention that before??  Dry roasted peas sold in bulk at Sprouts, mixed in a bag with sunflower seeds and raw almonds..  Perfect snack  !!

Home by 4:30pm.. and wondering what the heck to make for dinner tonight…  Ahhhhhh!!!    I’m out of ideas. Then I remembered a friend posting to my Facebook page a Zucchini Chickpea Burger recipe;  I’m gonna give it a whorl…  I’ll prep it, fed and walk the dogs, and eat by 630 pm.  NOPE !!  It took me over 3 hours to make this AMAZING burger.  I would give it 5 stars, if  I could have figured out how to make it not stick to the pan.   I tried 3 different pans.  Finally ate it as a dip with gluten free quinoa chips (another Trader Joe’s secret ).  Very very very tasty…  but when it sticks..  it turns to mush.  Next time I will add some broccoli slaw to bind it up.  Here’s the recipe:  zucchini chickpea vegan burgers.

The reason it tastes so good, is because it has so many dimensions of flavor;  so many spices, seeds for texture, and fresh veggies…  not to mention the TLC and time.  I made 8 of them, so I have 7 more tries to figure a ‘non-stick’ secret.  I individually wrapped them in wax paper and put in the freezer for save keeping.