Day 18 - Slow day... Time to bake bread

Day 18 – I think I have mental hunger again.  Today is a slow work day..  so I had time to go try on bathing suits with my 7lbs gone, as well as to pop over to Sprouts to get my staple items:  Chia seed, flax meal, bananas and Almond milk.  I still need to see if Bristol Farms or Gelson’s carry the Flax milk that I get from Whole Foods, it makes the best sense; WFs it a bit far.  So, if anyone finds it else where, please let me know.  Anyway.. today is a day for play and prep.  I wanted to go hiking, but no one was around early enough, and because the forecast is 90 degrees, I think I will pass too.

Bread going into ovenToday I made a 2nd loaf of quinoa bread, with special treats inside.  Its not hard to make if you have all the ingredients, minimal equipment and a working oven.  LOL.  That was my issue the first time, the ‘working oven’.  We bought a standalone oven thermometer to make sure that when the oven reads 370, its truly 370.  Not so much with ours. 380= 365 .  Our oven is less by 15 degrees.  Hard for baking bread.  Ahhhhh rambling as I do, back to the yummy bread.  I made the dough like before, and just before i put in the aluminum pan, i added garlic, olives and sun dried tomatoes.  I sauteed 3 cloves of garlic and a small handful of rough chopped SD tomatoes in olive oil (with thai chili)  for 5 min before, so we wouldn’t have raw garlic and rubbery tomatoes.  

The result:  It didn’t rise as much, its very dense….  and maybe too much flavor for anything in-between.  Tonight I had this warm bread dipping in olive oil and balsamic, with a bland green protein shake for dinner.   Not the healthiest dinner this week… but definitely  filled me up.   Like I said.. I’m sure to gain weight on this!  UGH !!  However having fun experimenting.  Can’t remember the last time I ate bread for dinner..   =)  Delicious treat !!!