Day 16 - I'm almost there... closer than yesterday

Day 16  – Today was a beautiful day !!!  I started off with a simple yet delicious smoothie of banana and coconut (oil) and 1 heaping teaspoon of Green Vibrance  The usual routine; 2 scoops of protein, 1 teaspoon green vibrance

Green Tastes Great !!  Another green smoothie

Green Tastes Great !! Another green smoothie

1/2 Tbl sp of chia seed, table spoon of organic coconut oil, 1/2 banana and 3 dates.  Yumm !!  Green is good !!!

Feeling pretty dang good.  Energy seems better, and cravings are way down.  Took the dogs for a long morning walk.  Haven’t hiked in a few days, but did finally get a pair of good hiking boots.  Dang  They’re more expensive than i remember.  But it will be worth it !  My feet will thank me !!!  

For lunch Eric and I took the bike to Neptune’s in Malibu and had shrimp and veggies. Tasty !!  And I think the beautiful day enhanced it even more! I like having Monday’s off; it wasn’t crowded at all..  I forgot to take a picture..  so using one from Google.  Thanks Google.  The shrimps were beautiful, and really did look like the pix here.

Around 6pm I made another smoothie because Marti and I are going to a ‘vegan raw’ happy hour..   What I mean by that, we  will drink samples of different products that are certified organic, Non-GMO certified, all raw vegan…  It was a good experience.  The products are interesting !!!  However, it is a multilevel job, and not interested in that aspect,  yet I can see myself using the products!  Anyway, I sampled so much, that I cant remember them all (tart cherry, white ginseng, wheat-grass, etc.)   We ingested more protein and very powerful antioxidants, so very happy about that !!  The company is called Purium  the website is:  … will keep you posted.