Day 15 - By this day next week, I will have completed my cleanse

Day 15 – Today happens to be Sunday.. which is normally the day I prepare for the week.  Today however, I’ve been more introspective.   With just one more week to go, what I realize is that this is not just a cleanse for the body..  but for the mind.  Its kinda like the mental hunger I experienced in the 1st week.  This journey has forced me to eat more at home and to take the time to prepare and get creative.  It has caused me to 2nd guess what I’m really hungry for and has made me realize why I eat the things I do, when and where.  For my EGO, this has been an emotional battle of deprivation, as well as an enlightened experience of  gratitude for healthy food and meals.  We are truly blessed to have access to the abundant food choices we have.

OK.. sorry for that journal entry…   and with that being said.. my EGO won today..and we went out for lunch to a new place called Veggie Grill.  Eric and I were both really surprised how good it was…  and it is 100% vegan.  Let me side step for a moment… just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it’s healthy, or has integrity; Potato chips are vegan !!    As I was saying, we were both pleasantly surprised at the level of integrity and deliciousness of the food.  I had a Gluten free veggie curry bowl.  It was the BEST I have ever had.  Eric got a meatless burger and coleslaw.  To his surprise, it looked and tasted like the real thing the 1st couple of bites.  Another side note.. Eric is a meat and potatoes guy.  He couldn’t spell kale before he met me.  =)

pastaAfter lunch we went shopping.. and we bought stuff for Eric to make home made sauce, with the grass fed beef the day before..  We’re going to have Quinoa pasta and organic meat sauce.. YUMM !!  Thank you Eric for making yummy sauce.. It was delicious !!  And accompanied by an organic kale and tomato salad.  Again,  another fabulous crock pot idea !!