Day 13 -Grass fed burger, hold the cheese please

Day 13 -Today I ate the burger !!  I’ve been craving this burger with grilled onions since I started this cleanse; Maybe 2 days in.  I called it grilled cheese on my post, but then Eric told me after my temper tantrum, that it was grilled onions and beef that set me off…  Hummm.  Whatever.  I didn’t change it.. I figured I write about it now.

Anyway… I finally had it!!!   I only ate half because it was a bit heavy with not having red meat in 3 weeks and also being on my super-duper dense quinoa bread.  Tasty..  But for now that craving is gone; lets get back to the green please !!

Friday night date night is going to be sushi..  Or sashimi for me, miso soup and a seaweed salad.  I’m excited to get out of my kitchen.. and eat around other people.  I do feel that while I’ve been on this cleanse, I’m having fun designing new things to eat,  but I want to go out an play too!! My social life has been affected by this.  HaHa!