Day 11 - More, more, more. More conscious choices

Day 11 -More  hikes, more smoothies, more hummus, and more quinoa sandwiches.  Overall more conscious eating.  It’s surprising how many restaurants around us are serving these items, as well as other restaurants opening that are vegan only!   I think we are finally beginning to WAKE UP  to the possibility that the food, the food  industry is selling us is crap!!  Do you know anyone with diabetes? Someone overweight ?  Has someone you loved died from cancer ??  Wake Up America !!!  Food is the best medicine,  or it can be poison that kills!!   Sorry for the rant.. however needed to be said !!  Don’t even get me started on the pharmaceutical industry !!

Tomorrow I am able to add animal proteins back in.  I have learned to prepare delicious veggie entrees, that I’m no longer stuck on “there has to be meat for protein’.  When I do add animal proteins back in, I will make sure the meat I consume has integrity  (grass fed beef, organic free range chicken, and wild caught fish) as much as possible; and limit the red meat to once a week, if at all.

Tonight I’m on my own for dinner..  so I just ate left overs.  Left over stir-fry that Eric made the night before.  Added some cooked quinoa and cayenne pepper.,. and it’s a new dish